Homeward Bound! Presented by Valley Arts Society

Valley Arts Society     Presents  Homeward Bound

         November 9&10 @ 7pm Park View Mennonite Church                                          In lieu of tickets, we suggest a $5 donation

Adult Choir                                                     Wendell Nisly, Conductor                                                        Angie Clemens, Pianist
Children's Choir
                                                    Regina Brubaker, Conductor
 16 Voice Ensemble
                                                     Wendell Nisly, Conductor                                                       Angie Clemens, Pianist    

Here is the link to their Site:

Couple Pics

Just a couple of good pics I decided to share!

Early morning at Youth Retreat

A beautiful tree to brighten up the rainy lunch break at the poultry farm!

The setting of this pic is interesting. We were going to go fishing at a friend's lake, but when we got the whole pier was covered because of the recent rain. My brothers still wanted to fish and it was easier because the had pants. For us girls though, that was another story. Trying to hold up our dresses and a fishing pole is kinda hard. Ever tried it? :) By the end we just let our dressed drop, as you can see in the pic:) I had my camera along and then I just told her to fling up some droplets! So there you go that is how the pic developed! :)

From the lilac bush at my latter piano teacher!

Creek at Highland Retreat

Some more scenery around our area

Camping at Trout Pond

The above and below are just some pretty sunrise pics out our back door!

A cloudy day but I think it brightened up. What do you think?

Youth Retreat Pond. Bea…

The life of a Christian

Hey there everybody! I was fiddling around with a                     designer and came up with some things. They are not that great and                     the backgrounds are not my photography! 😊

                                                          Let your Words                                                
              Let your Life
            Let the Light of the World       

Anyways just a couple for fun things!

Have a blessed rest of your day!

-A Soldier of Christ

My testimony

My Testimony {Long awaited by some}
         I accepted Christ early on at around age 5 or 6. About 2 to 3 years later I felt an urge, Bibleschool, to accept Christ, when invited by the teacher. When I had re-accepted Christ, (I guess you can say) I felt a lot closer to God and also felt that I understood better. Ever since I found the verse Joshua 1:9 it has been a favorite.
                                                    "Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of
                                            good courage, do not be afraid nor be dismayed for the
                                             Lord your God is with thee withersoever thou goest."

                                                      It is something we should all remember.

   My commitment to Jesus is to praise and honor His name, and also stand firm on the rock of God. Like it says in Psalm 18:2
                                                    "The …
This is just a photo my little 6 year old sister took. Good for such a little one, don't you think? Here is a verse to go with it. 

  A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
                                                                                          ~ Proverbs 18:24
Hey, glad to see you again!
 Look at God's wonderful creation. {By the way I didn't make the viedo} He has  made the bird's of the air, and the fish of the sea. Th creeping creatures on land everything else you see. Trees, plants, flowers, and you know what else? Us, the wonderful creature us, that wonderful miracle. He has made every little cell, tissue, and ulcers in our body. Then after he made the fearfully and wonderfully made us he just had to do more. And you know what that was? He sent his son Jesus Christ to a sacrifice for our sins. He died upon the cross because of us. And now if we obey Him we will be go to that eternal house in heaven that Jesus is preparing. Have you accepted that gift? If you haven't why don't you?

 Here is a song to tell you just an example and small part of Jesus' love.

How deep the Father's love for…
I looked out at the dreary day. Why oh why did it need to rain today, of all days? I had looked forward to going on the Club Bike Ride, but no it had to rain. I looked down at my fabric and tried to consentrate on my stitches. As I got the fifth stitch in I heard Lars come in whistling Amazing Grace. How could he be whistling, couldn't  he see, well I guess he wasn't planning anything special so it was understandable.                             Lars entered my room and sat down beside me. "What's up little sister?" he asked cheerfully. "There's not much going on at all today," I replied gruffly.  "Whew, sounds like you got out of the wrong side a bed, anything I can help with?"  "No, not unless you can make the rain go away and not come back until the bike ride is over!" I exclaimed. "Oh, he said quietly, That's what the problem is, huh?" "Well all I can say is maybe you should forget…