It's that time of year!

It's that time of year
When the last snowflakes show their face,
When the sun tricks you by it's sunny beams
And the sky is interchanging every minute of the day.

This is the time of year I like,
when the air is cool and crisp.
The sun so bright
 and the snow twinkling in the light

But oh I yearn for the sunny warm days
When the sun beats down in golden rays,
And when the garden yields it fruit.
Those are the days that I wish for.

Here are a couple pics that kinda go with the made up saying/poem


Dear Followers!

                  I just want to thank all the followers on this blog and those who support me!
                                                           You guys are great!

          PS. Here is some photos that were taken in the past months and also and updated pic of me!

This is a fave!

Shooting at stars. Hahaha! {Looks like a star to me}

Bluebird in PA

Sunset. Isn't it just beeyooooutiful! ;)

A Critter I think we finally figured out it was just a corn snake.

This was at the park at Milton Hershey School in PA!

Blog Plans

Hey guys. This is a important message. I will be changing from blogger to weebly blog site.
So you guys can check out

Stories of Redemption will also be running, with new stories every other week!  Keep Believing and Following Christ!
You can find the stories at:
~A Daughter of Christ~

PS. This blog will be standing for a little while yet. But I will not be posting on it.

PSS. Hey I have decided to keep this blog standing but will hardly won't be posting I just won't be deleting it! 

Valley Community Choir Program!

Hi there this is an invitation to come to a program I will be singing in! Please come and join us!

A Picture Post to Finish up March!

Wow where has the time gone are we seriously 3 months into 2019! I though just yesterday was

Anyways here are a couple pics to finish it up!

An old barn pic I love the hue I could get!

This was not expected to turn out like this but it has become a favorite!

I think this one I just told her to freeze! :)

Here I balanced it on my knee and timed it! :)

This was through a window and in somebody else's yard that shows how great the camera is!
Come back later for some more!

 ~Elisheva Kauffman

6th chapter!

Here is the sneak peek for the 6th Chapter! Check here for the whole thing!

 Monica dismounted and walked slowly toward Travis. 'What in the world was going on here? Why was Travis having a picnic with Uncle Micah of all people? Well I aim to find out!' She thought trying to come up with a mean thing to say. But Uncle Micah was a little quicker.
                "Well, hello there Nica what a pleasant surprise!" Micah said kindly. She saw Travis turn his head rather quickly and stare at Uncle Micah in surprise and shock.
                  "Um, yes what were you guys doing up here? Is this why you needed two burgers?" She retorted aiming her last comment toward Travis. 
                  "Listen Nica," Travis glanced at Uncle Micah nervously, cleared his throat and went on, " I just wanted to, well, get to know your Uncle better and I asked if he would come up into the mountains with me." He finished and looked do…

My new camera!

Hey guys I just got a new camera and I am lovin' it!
There isn't a picture if it but here are a couple that I took!

My bro

This was a zoom from our house to the ridge across from it! Yeah... Superzoom!

A sis

Yeah....what can I say? We were having fun! :)

I love this pic. It is totally my bro!
-Please comment below what you think! Can't wait to hear from you!
-----Elisheva Kauffman  ~A Daughter of Christ!~